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Udderly Blessed home“Udderly Blessed”, sponsored by the Allen Family in memory of their late daughter Christine Allen has mooved from its temporary home at the Arroyo Grande Farm Supply store to its
new home at the newly constructed and opened Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County location at 1180 Kendall Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.





Christine AllenChristine Allen was born and raised in San Luis Obispo, the 5th of 7 children in a blessed and loving family. From an early age it seemed clear that Christine was destined for big things and to leave her mark on the world around her. Also from an early age, all you had to do was open her wardrobe to see that her favorite color was any shade of purple!

Growing up, Christine was active in many homeschooling and church events as Christine Allen 4Hwell as youth activities and sports, including swimming, junior guards, soccer, basketball, snowboarding and backpacking. Christine was also proud to have participated in 4-H for eight years, her last three years as president of the Edna 4-H club. When beginning her first beef project, a local breeder inspired her to raise her animal as a donation to the Food Bank in order to benefit the community. This began a passionate series of projects that benefitted many local hungry families over a five year period. Altogether her projects provided approximately 2,000 pounds of high quality meat to the Food Bank which fed the needy of San Luis Obispo. Christine says of her experience, “My community service involvement with steer projects for the Food Bank has taught me so many life skills and challenged me to think creatively about how to help the community within a project I am already doing and have a passion for. The whole experience has influenced my life in ways that I am sure will manifest themselves in the future, but immediately challenged and taught me to think of ways to help the community.”

Christine Allen Food Bank

On May 7th, 2013 Christine and her family were returning from her freshman year at college. They had stopped at a favorite spot in Utah and had taken a short family hike after dinner. Christine’s mother had just snapped a photo of her standing on a bluff with her open hands stretched to the sky as the sun set behind her. Moments later, Christine was lost in a tragic rockslide when the 15-foot boulder she was standing on gave way. Christine Allen Hike

Christine’s spirit is still with us and has inspired this unique purple cow, “Udderly Blessed”, encouraging us to continue her legacy by helping the SLO County Food Bank to provide for the needy through one more cow. The cow displays the beautiful concepts of “Farm to Table” nutrition, and a variety of donated foods feeding families of all sizes, ages and ethnicities.  The Food Bank receives all the proceeds from the sale of “Udderly Blessed” at the SLO CowParade Auction on May 6, 2017. The Food Bank Coalition would like to be the winning bidder at the auction so they can keep “Udderly Blessed” in this spot as a memorial to Christine and an inspiration to all those entering their new building.

Christine FundPlease consider contributing what you can to the SLO County Food Bank
so they can keep this cow and be “Udderly Blessed”!