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Top 10 Vote Getters Going to Live Auction!

Voting closed on April 15th and here are the Top 10 Vote Getters that will be going to the Live Auction on May 6th!
4 The Vineyard Diva, 85 Media Moo, 45 Starry Night Cow, 53 See Cow Do, 33 Picowso, 39 Cow-a-fornia, 1 Wild and Free, Into the Night, 78 Jesse/Jane, 21 Electric Cream Dream, 20 Moo-zek


We will be announcing additional cows going to Live and Silent Auction in the coming days that are being juried by CowParade International, CowParade SLO and ARTS Obsipo.  Stay turned and don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the final round up dinner and auction on May 6 at Oyster Ridge at Ancient Peaks Winery.