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Official CowParade Launch Event

Madonna Meadows! | September 17, 2016 | 10am – 5pm | Free Admission

Food, beer, wine and ice cream available for purchase

101 cows. 1 meadow.

San Luis Obispo County will be overrun with crazy cows this fall when it hosts the world’s largest and most successful public art event.

CowParade San Luis Obispo County will feature 101 life-sized cow statues, beautifully decorated by sponsored artists. On Sept. 17, the cows will be herded toward a meadow at the famously pink Madonna Inn for public viewing.

ManOne Dillion Paint Cow












After the launch event, the cows will be mooooooved to different parts of the county, where the “grazing” bovines will become public figures (and selfie magnets!) for seven months.

After their time in the spotlight, the cows will be auctioned off for local charities.

Previously, CowParades have been hosted by major cities, including Paris, Madrid, and Rome, which are well-known cultural centers. CowParade SLO County is the first regional CowParade in the country.

Special artists will be featured during the event, including syndicated cartoonists Jerry Scott (“Zits,” “Baby Blues”) and Leigh Rubin (“Rubes”), special effects artist Douglas Turner (“Beetlejuice,” “Star Trek VI”), famed graffiti artist Man One (Nike, Staples Center, Oakley, Microsoft, Sharpie, and Pantone), and Deprise Brescia, a mixed media artist, popular bikini model and actress (“Renegade,” “Two and a Half Men”).

San Luis Obispo County, located on California’s Central Coast, is a popular tourist destination known for its inviting beaches, small-town charm, wine and weather. Communities participating in the event include San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Morro Bay and Avila Beach.

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