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36 Vina Athena

About the Artist

Christian Van Evers

Tell us about yourself…

Raised on the Central Coast, I’ve spent much of my life near the ocean—it’s naturally become the origin of my creative enthusiasm. I was blessed to be exposed to a multitude of art practices by renowned masters, including my father, and I learned each discipline from them. I’m inspired by the people, culture, and beliefs of other nations, and my mediums and methods of art vary from one to another.

Artist Quote

“I believe when one is inspired and motivated to create, they innately conceive the idea, and intrinsically choose the medium.”

Tell us about your design “Vina Athena”…

Vina Athena benefits must! charities, dedicated to improving the quality of life for children in San Luis Obispo’s North County. Created using various mediums, a range of methods, and a lot of imagination, our bronze beauty is named for the strength and skill she represents. Her overall design is comprised of many pieces coming together to complete a larger picture. Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom and art—and the muse of painters and sculptors for centuries—stood for courage and protected her people. Today, our “moo-se” Vina Athena is the patroness of Sextant Wines in Paso Robles. Mosaic replicas of the arch protecting the winery can be found on either side of Vina’s stomach, along with oak leaves designed after the must! charities logo to symbolize endurance and faith. Bountiful bunches of grapes dangle with bronze leaves from her ears, and if you take a look closer you’ll notice an udder-ly clever surprise.

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