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80 Plane Old Heifer

About the Artist

Missy Reitner-Cameron

A little about Missy:

Having taken a break from painting over the last 17 years, Missy Reitner-Cameron is back to getting her hands dirty with paint. After graduating from Cal Arts in 1994, Missy decided to get into graphic design. While still doing fresh design at the company she founded ( iii ) DESIGN in beautiful San Luis Obispo, Missy has gone back to her painting and is loving every minute of it.

Missy can be found at the Bunker most days in a pair of paint covered overalls and a smile on her face.

A little about the cow:

I love maps and especially aeronautical maps. The grids, the shapes, the secret language… it fascinates me. I wanted to recreate the feeling of maps as art using a map specific to our area. I included the planes (all planes that do land at the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport) to bring some color and fun to the seriousness of the map. I am very excited that this will be at our airport to greet visitors and locals coming to our town.