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38 Mini Moo: Moojolais

San Marco Creek Vineyard
7750 Highway 101 North, Paso Robles, CA, 93446
(805) 467-9260
*Tasting Room Open Daily 11am to 5pm

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About the Artist

The Passionate Hearts!artwork/c1p9k

Who are the Passionate Hearts?

Julie Dickey: Im not sure where my love for art started, or how it evolved, but the quote by Dorothea Tanning,  “Art has always been the raft onto which we climb to save our sanity.” resonates with me. Since a young age, art was the easiest way for me to express happiness, fear, anger, sadness, or merely for the sake of sharing creativity.  As I became older I discovered it was a comforting way for me to have a voice and work through life situations, without having to lie down and let someone get in my head. Instead I put what was in my head out for the world to see, or at least a form of it. No particular medium – paint, tile, beads, sewing, clay – if I could shape it, control the outcome and see it through from start to finish, it made me feel better. Enter big jobs, marriage, children…and without realizing how much it contributed to my “ voice”, I found less and less time for it.  Fast forward to an ugly divorce, the death of my mom and bonus mom, both from cancer, and raising 6 kids (we are a blended family), I realized I need to find my “voice” again and more than that a way to be heard.

Enter Sandy, my partner in crime and art.  She is a phenomenal mosaic/beading artist, who has found that art has gotten her through some rough spots as well. We were a match made in Heaven as the saying goes – we have become each others muses, Yin to Yang….and she loves my crazy family – husband and all 6 kids. We have expanded our horizon to include some assemblage art (stay tuned for pics in the near future) made up of trinkets and instruments we have found in flea markets, shops and garages in various parts of the country.

We aren’t sure where this journey will lead us but thanks for coming along.

 Sandy Stevens: I am quite certain that I was a famous mosaic artist in a past life. Famous because that just sounds cool and a mosaic artist because of my intense interest and passion for the craft. For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the art of taking beautiful plates of glass, shattering and breaking them to create amazing works of art. Whether it’s a community memorial mural, a colorful bench at Disneyland or a whimsical piece of garden art (my favorite)…I felt a sense of connection.

While I always enjoyed mosaics, I never practiced the art until about 8 years ago while recovering from breast cancer reconstruction which was physically and mentally challenging. I needed an escape during this crazy journey so why not reach for my passion? I took some classes to learn the basics and the rest in history.

When the minute your walk through your front door, drop everything (after acknowledging, petting and loving critters…2 dogs and a cat…all rescues) and head right to the art studio to start creating, then you have found your passion!

Up until recently, I have produced pieces for personal enjoyment and to share with friends.

 Then God sent me an angel, Julie, who shared my love of life and the creative arts. Our friendship has spiraled off the charts and I knew I had to jump on her band wagon full of fun and positive energy. It was through this vision that “the passionate heARTS” has evolved. Our vision is vast and open. Please stay tuned to see what lies beyond the horizon. We guarantee it will be full of enormous frolicking growth and whimsical inspiration and fun that will leave you beckoning for more!

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