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11 In-Cow-able Hulk

About the Artist

David Nakayama

Who is David Nakayama?

David Nakayama is a Berkeley-based illustrator and concept artist currently working for TinyCo, where he’s the Art Lead on Marvel Avengers Academy. He enjoys working in both digitally-painted and comic book styles and in his spare time freelances for Marvel Comics, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, and others.

Tell us about your “In-Cow-able Hulk”…


The idea of painting up a full-sized cow to look like Marvel Comics’ famous green-skinned super-hero was so ludicrous and silly that of course I had to say ‘yes’ right away.  It just sounded like a good time.  Artistically, I’m going for a spare, streamlined coloring style that resembles the comic book aesthetic as much as possible. Should be pretty striking.  Also hilarious.