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21 Electric Cream Dream

About the Artist

John Cuevas

Tell us a little about yourself and “Electric Cream Dream”…

I am an Artist currently living on the Central Coast. I am originally from Los Angeles and I exhibit regularly in LA, Miami, NY, and SF. I am also a Graphic and Product Designer and some of my previous clients include: Amblin Entertainment, Disney, Universal Studios and Warner Brothers. I spend a lot of time in big cities, but it is for this reason that I absolutely love the Central Coast.

I recently became a father! On May 30, 2015, my son was born and I took the year off to enjoy and welcome this beautiful change in my life. Now that my son is 8 months old, I am amping up my artistic production and participating in CowParade SLO County professional grade glow in the dark vinyl paint. I have learned different color mixing techniques that allow for a broad range of daytime colors and full strength nocturnal luminescence.

The thick hard glass varnish coat required to protect the cows will lock in the glow in the paint perfectly, and all the long-wave ultraviolet frequencies of sunny SLO county will charge up the paint amazingly!