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23 Delft Cow

About the Artist

Donna May-Brunet

Tell us a little about your self…

My name is Donna May-Brunet. My love for Art has been with me since I was a child. Art supplies were non-existent during those early years, but that did not deter me from finding ways to develop my artistic abilities. I would always get to the mail first and would use every square inch on envelopes of every kind as my sketch pad. Every Sunday I would take the comics section and draw characters like Andy Capp, Orphan Annie and Family Circle, over and over again. I can still draw Andy Capp from memory. Of course this did no go well with my mother, as the mail would be covered with characters making it impossible to read addresses from senders.

My Fine Art class was in High School in sculpting where I learned the basics of Bas Relief. I continued to take classes in college with a major in communication and T.V. Broadcasting. Most of my adult life, I worked as a Youth Pastor. Yet, I continued to find creative ways to express my art, through, monthly newsletters, painting theater sets and backgrounds. I have a great love for Photography and worked for several Photography Studios, and managed a Glamour Shots in Scottsdale Arizona.  became a freelance photographer and photographed weddings for 20 years. I also worked as 1st cameraman and 1st editor on a movie for HBO. For the last few months, I have served as a creative team artist for Artistcellar, a well known online Art Supply Business. I have photographed for the Atascadero New Paper and have worked on many murals and Trompe L Oeil pieces in Local Business offices and private homes. My art has been published b Northlight Publishing Company with a 2 page spread in “Zen Doodle Tons of Tangles”. At present, I am a Fine Arts Instructor for Michaels Craft Store. Mixed media artist.

Life is like art…use as much color as you can!!

Tell us a little a bit about your Mini Moo and Life Size Cow?

“Now That’s a Cow Doodle”: This is called “Zen Tangle”, which is actually a type of doodling. This doodling consists of randomly repeating design in which the pattern elements themselves do not require a copyright. The arrangement of doodles will be one of a kind – an original art work. I will develop a custom design of tangles, then arrange the overall cow in a unique doodle. I believe my cow will be both colorful and the most unique idea to be presented for your consideration. I can make everyone see cows from a completely new and cosmic way. No matter what direction or angle you choose to view the finished cow, you will enjoy a unique design/ color combination. The days of white and brown and black are over!

“Delft Moo”: During my travels, I found Holland to be one of my favorite countries. I fell in love with everything Delft Blue. With great patience, I hand carried a beautiful Fly pan in Delft Blue porcelain all the way back to the states. Unfortunately, I lost my pan when it broke during a house move. I have always appreciated the art and colors that accompanied Delft Blue. I have done some research on antique Delft art and while the earlier pieces were simple in design, I found that the detailed pattern work has survived throughout the years. My love of art combined with the beauty of Delft Blue art work has really sparked my interest in painting this cow.