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78 Jesse/Jane

About the Artist

Dennis Bredow

Who is Dennis Bredow?

Los Angeles native Dennis Bredow examines and celebrates the tireless optimism of mid-twentieth century America in his retro-modern artwork. Using acrylic, serigraphy, and found object assemblage, he creates smart, streamlined pieces which bear the hallmarks of 1950’s craftsmanship and graphic design — offering a present-day revival of the exuberant ideals of a bygone era.

Bredow abandons traditional canvas supports in favor of solid birch panes, which allow for heavy distressing of the paint as well as the application of vintage advertisements, hardware, and other found materials. The finely crafted panels instill the paintings with a sturdy sense of permanence, while the application of multiple layers of distressed paint imparts to each piece a unique narrative of process and history.

Bredow secured his first advertising agency internship at the age of 15. After studying illustration and graphic design at California State University Fullerton, he transitioned to full-time advertising work. He spent nearly two decades in the advertising and film industries before turning his attention to his own work.

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