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22 Classic California

Pismo Beach Pier
Pismo Beach Pier, Pomeroy Avenue, Pismo Beach, CA,
*Temporarily Out for Repair due to Moo Injury

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About the Artist

Douglas Turner

Who is Douglas Turner?

While still in high school, Turner began selling his sculptures to local collectors. After studying Fine Art and Communication at the University of New Mexico and with private instructors, he moved to Hollywood, to work in motion pictures effects. He created miniature landscapes, spaceships, airplanes, and buildings as well as life-sized monsters, aliens, robots, prosthetic makeups, dolphins, rhinos, and gave super heroes their muscular physiques.

Over 30 films feature his work – including “Beetlejuice”, “Ace Ventura”, “Star Trek VI” and “Lethal Weapon 4″ – plus TV shows, commercials, magazines, amusement parks, and Planet Hollywood Restaurants. Turner explains,” I needed the film work to improve my technique, range, and discipline. When making something that is supposed to be living and breathing, you must be detail conscious, right down to the pores in the skin. Now that computer imaging is so prevalent, I had to decide – become a button pusher or continue molding clay.”

Mr. Turner has returned to fine art bringing an abundance of ideas, technical expertise, and a strong sense of character and drama. His sculptures reflect his dynamic sense of anatomy & rhythm along with attention to detail.

I want my work to, if not tell a story, at least suggest that there is one. The viewer should believe that something came before and something will follow after.

His sculptures -Contemporary, western, and erotic – adorn private collections throughout the U.S. and in Canada and have appeared in juried shows and galleries around the Southwest.

You have two cows that you have created. Could you tell us a little about both of those?

Marilyn Moonroe” strikes her iconic pose atop the subway grate: her dress is blown up as she tries to hold it down. She oozes charm with her red lips and short, sassy platinum blonde hair. She is captured, the action frozen with her dress. The cow is reconfigured to a standing position with the steel reinforced tail acting as a tripod on the built-in base.

“Milk and Honey”: Until now, my worked has steered udderly away from moodern abstraction. This year, however, I am beefing up my cattlelogue with whimsical works that are cowfully cowculated to moove my body of work into a new field, or at least pasture. This piece focuses on Milk and Honey and how they stand together as BFF’s.

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