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About the Artist

Lonny Etzel

Tell us about yourself…

I create realism stone sculptures in my very own unique style. The result is a breathtaking one-of-a-kind masterpiece that gives new meaning to the phrase
“Set In Stone”.

I grew up in California’s Santa Ynez Valley, spending most of his time running wild outdoors. I was always fascinated with the Indian culture that preceded us, by finding arrowheads and seeing petroglyphs on stones.

I attended Santa Barbara City College and the University of California, and truly enjoyed my education, for it was here my passion for sculpting arose. I love traveling, listening to people talk, and learning about cultures and history.

I have traveled to Alaska, Australia, Sweden and Italy and spent two months wandering Israel and Egypt.

It is the realism that makes my sculptures unique. I bring forth the character of the stone with an impeccable eye for detail.  Often times people mistake my work as separate pieces fastened together or placed on top or beside one another. In actuality, I sculpt from a single piece of marble or stone. Through sculpture I hope to create lasting awareness of cultures, species and environments and hope to use art to change our world to a better place.

In 2007, I finished a commission of a stone sculpture in Aguora Hills, Los Angeles, based on the California Chumash Native California Legend – “The Sparks Of The Sun”. The sun carries a torch of tightly rolled bark to light the world. After the sun’s daily journey across the sky, he snaps his torch to throw sparks which are the stars.

“The Native American culture is founded on a great love and respect for our environment and each other. Sharing those same values, I wanted to pay tribute to a civilization that has such love but endured such sorrow.”

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