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53 See Cow Do

About the Artist

Deprise Brescia

Who is Deprise Brescia?

Deprise Brescia is a mixed media artist specializing in transformational, energy art. She merges science and spirituality to create art for uplifting places and spaces.

Deprise had private training as a child and received awards for her sketching. She earned her BA in Performing Arts from CSUC. Her Dance and Theater background added to her visual arts in an interesting way. She incorporates film, body movement and theatricality into her works. Her visual arts’ training comes from private coaching and experimentation. Her texture and collage work with semi precious stones in the encaustic medium is unique and completely self-taught.

Her study of art abroad continues throughout Europe, Asia, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Her techniques mix mediums, cultural philosophies and her experimentation with new materials has allowed an even greater transformation. Mixing ancient arts with the modern age in order to illustrate her message of “WE ARE ONE”, the underlying theme through all of her works.

Deprise continues private training in a variety of disciplines including; videography, digital art, photography, painting, 3-D collage, stonework, drawing and en-caustic.

Why did you create “Moo Monarch”?

I created the Moo Monarch design with the theatrical quality I love so much. What could be more magical than a cow dressed and disguised as a Monarch Butterfly. One gentle animal wishing to be another. What if we could try on wings and fly like a Monarch Butterfly?

I love the Monarch grove in Pismo beach and thought this would be a beautiful way to show respect and pay tribute to this amazing place.

My concept of creating a fabulous cow pretending to be a monarch was something we can all relate to. I believe we all want to be something different at one time or another in our lives… even if for only a moment. So why not make cows fly like a Monarch Butterfly?

Why did you create “See Cow Do”?

See Cow Do is a pirate of life!!!  Protecting the environment and experiencing the magical beauty of California, travel, adventure and fun.  All of these elements are intertwined!  The images of Tahoe, Pebble Beach’s iconic lone Cypress, Mt Shasta, Yosemite, Death Valley, Monterey Bay Aquarium, California Missions, San Diego Zoo are threaded throughout…

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