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65 Blue Clover

About the Artist

Carla Cary

Tell us about yourself…

My name is Carla Cary, I was born in Timisoara, Romania and lived there with my family until the age of 5 when we moved to Paso Robles, California where I lived with my mom, dad, beloved lab Vader and 3 cats. Since my mom is Romanian and my dad American I grew up in a mixed household of different culture traditions and hobbies. I think this helped shape who I am today by giving me a very open mind to different cultures and life outlooks. Growing up we frequently traveled all over the Americas and Europe especially when visiting my moms family in Romania. I picked up art at a very young age with my mom having an art and design major and always drawing, sewing or making something with her hands, and both her and my dad, being very appreciative of art, constantly remind me on the value that an original work of art has. In first grade I entered my first art competition at my school and won 3rd place among the rest of the top contestants who were 7th and 8th graders, shortly following this I illustrated a book which my friend had written and my teacher saw potential in which was later published by a local artist. This was really what started the ball rolling with my art and my parents and teachers encouraged me to start making art to sell.

My first painting done in acrylic was a painting of two of our cats painted on my moms cutting board because I didn’t have any canvas! At this time my  mom decided to invest in a bunch of canvases and paints so I could start pursuing my passion. In the following years from age 8-13 I had shown my art at numerous galleries and places throughout the central coast such as the Paso Robles library, Vina Robles, Chronic Cellars, Linnea’s, several small shops in Atascadero and Paso as well as art events and shows like Art at the Pavillion in Paso Robles. Once I started high school however, I became more wrapped up in academics and sports leaving me little time to paint. However, I still drew constantly and start experimenting with colored pencils and art markers. Now, I am a third year at Cal Poly majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and hopefully a minor in integrated marketing communications! I work as a wedding planner and for the Mercantile in downtown Slo where I can really use my artistic abilities in my work. I love to stay busy with my sorority; Alpha Gamma Delta, with my precious dog, Bentley or with any other outdoor activity fro surfing, hiking, camping, spending time with friends and everything in between.

Tell us about “Blue Clover”…

Over 200 years ago the first agriculture fair debuted in the United States. Slated to showcase the best livestock that each farmer produced, a blue ribbon represented more than a winner, but an increased value for breeding stock. Over time youth organizations evolved (4-H and FFA) instilling the same competitive nature and quest for excellence. The California Mid-State Fair foundation can be found in our youth programs. Countless San Luis Obispo county citizens can remember the time they too participated in the 4-H and FFA and how important the experience shaped their lives. Our mission, as well as, the California Mid-State Fair Heritage Foundation mission, is founded on the basis of youth and agriculture.

Blue Clover not only represents the convent blue ribbon, but embodies the symbols of the FFA (national blue and corn gold) and 4-H (the four leaf green clover).

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