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86 L.C.

Octagon Barn
4400 Octagon Way, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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About the Artist

Carol Paulsen

Why did you paint “Gladys the Town Cow”?

I have been living and making art in this county since I was ten. When I heard about the CowParade coming to town I jumped in, I like it’s history and it sounded like fun. Using the town of Harmony for inspiration, I painted “Gladys the Town Cow”, named after my mother who grew up on a farm in Ohio surrounded by corn and cows. The town of Harmony is my muse because it is an iconic gem of the central coast with a history of dairy, plus I like their Ice Cream!

Tell us a bit about your artwork…

Walking with antennas out watching for beauty, oddities and opportunities. I have a history of making Art, I hunt and gather visuals from nature and treasure from the swap meet, I like bones and globes! I stretch canvas and paint, build armatures and sculpt; wire, willow, paper mache, clay and glass, thermal plastic and epoxy!  I stretch my imagination , see the beauty and whimsy of the world and bounce off it.

I follow my heart, live, love, explore and create!

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