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20 Moo-zek

About the Artist

Judy Maynard

Tell us about yourself…

My name is Judy Maynard and I am originally a stained glass artist.  Over the years I have dabbled in many other mediums and love to experiment with texture, color and design.

Mosaics seemed like a natural progression for me as I started to transition to other types of work.  As I learned of other mediums I discovered that paper was much more adaptable than traditional glass or ceramic tiles, while being far less expensive and available.  I found I really enjoyed creating my own tiles from repurposed papers.  Many of my tiles are made from brown grocery bags that have been painted and created.

Paper mosaics have become a steady go to for both creating unique art pieces and as well as a great subject to teach workshops.

Tell us about “Moo-zek…”

My CowParade SLO cow entry is designed and created using my unique paper tile mosaic technique.