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Here are the 25 Live Auction Cows

These are the 25 Live Auction Cows.  Stay tuned as we announce the Silent Auction Cows that will be at the May 6, Charity Auction and Dinner at Oyster Ridge at Ancient Peaks Winery.






Adventure Cow L

101 Adventure Cow

Athena L

36 Athena

Coastal Cow L

3 Coastal Cow

Cow-a-fornia Cow L

34 Cow-a-fornia Cow

Cowvee Alice L

34 Cowvee Alice

Delft Cow L

23 Delft Cow

Electric Cream Dream L

21 Electric Cream Dream

Every Child L

 71 Every Child is an Artist

Jesse Jane L

78 Jesse/Jane

John Cowe H

28 John Cowe

Joie de Vivre L

89 Joie De Vivre

Media Moo L

85 Media Moo

Mini Moo One L

63 Mini Moo One


62 SLO MOTION (Paired with 62)

Moo Delo Tradiciones De Oro L

57 Moo Delo Tradiciones De Oro

Moo-zek l_clipped_rev_1

20 Moo-zek

Moo'ving Thru Decades of Agriculture L

82 Moo’ving Thru The Decades of Agriculture

Mooovin' Hands L

90 Mooovin’ Hands

Peggy Moo L

99 Mini Moo: Peggy MooPicowso H

33 Picowso

See Cow Do L

53 See Cow Do
Starry Night Cow L

45 Starry Night Cow

The Vineyard Diva L

4 The Vineyard Diva

Udderly Blessed L

83 Udderly Blessed

Wild and Free L

1 Wild and Free, into the Night

Cinnamon L

46 Cinnamon